SilverBull-ensiapupakkaus (P.A.T kit) Arb Trauma Pack

82,10 (sis.alv)

Saatavuus:26 varastossa (voidaan jälkitoimittaa)

82,10 (sis.alv)

Saatavuus:26 varastossa (voidaan jälkitoimittaa)

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Personal Arb Trauma Kit

SilverBull worked with Arborist first aid trainers for 2 years identifying the essential first aid items needed for Climbing Arborists or anyone using a chainsaw. A C.A.T Tourniquet and 6” Israeli Bandage are two potentially lifesaving items that with the right training, can be used to quickly stop a catastrophic bleed in instances when a regular first aid kit may not be sufficient. The SilverBull P.A.T (Personal Arb Trauma) kit is designed to contain these two essential items and easily attach to a belt or climbing harness. The easy open function and “pull cord” release feature means the system can be easily operated using one hand. The bright orange colour and green First Aid symbol, make the SilverBull P.A.T Kit clearly identifiable by colleagues.
Tourniquet and Bandage are included.





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