LANTRA Access a Tree Using a Rope and Harness and Aerial Tree Rescue Training Course

1 660,00 (sis.alv)

€1660 for the first person. We give a 10% discount for each person that joins. (4 people = 30% discount).

So if you are a work group of 4 or a bunch of friends, 4 people get a great discount!

For more information please contact us:

1 660,00 (sis.alv)

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Our Tree Climbing and Aerial Rescue course is a 5 day program that is taught by a professional instructor from the UK. The course is only delivered in English. The training course covers the essential safety guidelines, gear inspection and the skills required to access a tree and carry out life saving aerial rescue. After attending the course you will receive a LANTRA certificate of attendance.

About the Instructor

The climbing course will be taught by Matt Moss. Matt is a UK-qualified LANTRA instructor and City & Guilds assessor with 10 years of experience in delivering forestry and arboriculture-related courses to professionals and university students. Matt has worked in the industry for many years as a contractor in climbing, forestry operations and tree surveying. Matt is also qualified in inspections for work at height equipment including climbing and rigging. 

Course Content

The climbing course is a mixture of theory regarding safety and equipment and practical tree climbing. By the end of the course you will be able to;

  • Understand the legislation relating to tree climbing
  • Identify a range of Personal Protective Equipment appropriate to work positioning systems
  • Identify hazards and manage the associated risks when tree climbing
  • Carry out visual tree inspection
  • Carry out pre-use inspection of tree climbing equipment
  • Tie, dress and set a range of tree climbing knots
  • Use techniques for safe and efficient ascent and descent
  • Choose appropriate anchor points
  • Establish safe and comfortable work positions
  • Understand the duties of a competent grounds person
  • Use climbing irons (spikes) safely and efficiently
  • Carry out several types of aerial rescue of a casualty
  • Store tree climbing equipment appropriately

This course is for people who are already working in, or are looking to work in arboriculture.

Please be aware that to take this course, you must be physically fit and not suffering from vertigo or similar conditions.

You must also be free from medication that could affect your safety.

Maximum class size is 4 participants.

Participants should bring their own tree climbing kit. Climbing Equipment can be rented at an extra cost of €150. We can advise you on any climbing kit needs you require.


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